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by Paul Roub

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Disappear (free) 03:21
I was on the grassy knoll Watching through my telescope That's all it was, a telescope, I swear Monday night I dreamt I missed you Doubled back and tried to kiss you Then I jumped down on the tracks Closed my eyes, turned my back, said CHORUS I know a little trick To make myself disappear I used it once before That's how I ended up here, oh I disappear, disappear By now I'm just an anecdote A loser story that you tell Probably not so often or so well I never meant to cause you pain Next time I'll say that again Mean it every time I say it No one ever learns, let's face it CHORUS I should celebrate Escaping with my life When now I don't remember what you stole I could, but it's too late For looking over my shoulder I'm too busy getting older And I don't want to pay that toll Underneath the microscope I wouldn't hold up very long Face it now, I've never been that strong You're flat-out out of your mind And I'm so tired of being kind Sorry 'bout the mess from moving Nothing's left that's worth improving CHORUS
The Great Unknown (free) 05:34
When you wake up in the morning With blood under your nails and eyes upon you I won't say I told you And if you wake to find yourself Looking up at someone else inside you I won't remind you That you said "Never again, never again" CHORUS Won't you race me to the great unknown? A place I've never been, never seen, never heard of Won't you race me to the great unknown? And if you win the race, save me a place Unless he looks like Tony Curtis and treats you right. Now it's time to let you go I grit my teeth, we both know you'll say something To ruin everything And as the words run screaming from your mouth Can't you feel it getting harder, and harder And harder, and harder, oh Never again, never again CHORUS You left me nothing Oh, what have I got except my name? You left me nothing Nothing but the blame "Betrayal's" such an ugly word Let's just call it "moving on", a white lie Among friends And if one day I overheard You're somewhere doing nothing I'll speak kindly, a white lie Among friends Never again, Never again CHORUS Won't you race me to... I'll race you, too.
A Little Bit Wiser (free) 05:39
He's been cruel and he's been vacant He's been anything but kind And you've never tried so hard in all your life. Pretty sure he's been taken, but you need a bit more time To hold him hard and say you're still his wife. You believe enough for everybody Bite your lip and chin up, but he Just can't see CHORUS Turn around, turn away Reach for the surprise or For yourself, for someone Like you just a little bit wiser, and Wake up, wake up Not gonna sit around and listen you're Not gonna sit around and listen, no You're not going to sit and listen no more... He's been gone seven cold, dead weeks And you turn to where he'd be Then hold yourself and shudder at the sight Of the bed, of the folded sheets The mattress you can't see (yourself) Sleeping on so much as one more night. You grab a beer and breathe your air in Spend an hour standing, staring Straight ahead He offers his bribes up to God Oh give me everything I swear I'll be happy, I'll be good and I'll be Oh so very kind Swear I'll try to be kind He's been good with the kids and The last two Halloweens You let him hand out candy at your door. There's a frame on the nightstand In it you're sixteen It's true, you've seen it all stretched out before. You stretch your legs and watch the ceiling Happy not to name the feeling Just to be
Mind of its Own (free) 06:47
If I told you right here That I need you right now Would you think just a little bit less of me? And would you come on, anyhow? And if you ask me what I'm doing here And I have to say "I don't know" What a shock if I said I could live with that For tonight, so let's go CHORUS Could have sworn life was fine But I should have seen the signs My heart has got a mind of its own Needed more, but at the time The idea wasn't mine My heart has got a mind of its own And I'm oh, so, tired 'Cause I haven't slept for days And I haven't said one thing worth listening to And you haven't run away So whatever's going on here Well I won't get in the way Just this once I'm going to take it for what it is Pull you close, and say CHORUS Here's what's going to happen tonight No, forget it, I don't have a clue If you want to do nothing That's just what we'll do Just as long as I'm here with you And I am here with you CHORUS
Optional (free) 05:05
I'm optional Never thought I'd be Replaceable And still not want to leave But once You were warm You were bright Like the sun and oh man, oh man, you're beautiful Inevitable CHORUS I'll love you forever I've loved you for years I'll love you to pieces I'll love you to tears I'm finding out What I need to be Alone and not alone Ready to believe And if I could talk You could hear I could sing I'm here, I'm here in front of you It's possible CHORUS Patience Silence Take so much time That's me there quiet That's me there waiting One day I might Leave it all behind If you stay closed tight And push off just right You're in the air I'm tethered to the ground A dot somewhere Too distant to be found The back Of your mind Is a sad Place to find Myself, my life, my everything Or anything
Lips and Logic (free) 05:52
Don't talk so fast, I can not breathe And I've known you long enough to know You'll speak your last, and then you'll leave And I can't stand to see you go So for now keep talking Won't you please keep talking? I'm not so sure, I'm not so sure It was not all just in my head Me on the floor, I watched and adored As you cut out pictures on the bed You were always laughing You were always laughing CHORUS But oh, these words, these tokens These scribbled postcards from the life we knew The promise that lay broken Somehow we'd find a way to see it through And you, all lips and logic Still captivate me like you always do My body may get restless... But my heart knows only you You think of me... you think of me Well what does that mean to me now? See, I never wanted to be your fond memory Or wish myself back there, somehow But what was that you're saying? Sweet things you were saying... CHORUS We have memories like a scrapbook of the moments We turn to when we need to believe Once in our whole life, there was perfection Once we had all we could ever need... CHORUS You'll speak your last, and then you'll leave And I can't stand to see you go.
Room to Breathe (free) 05:23
Phone calls... flowers I wondered for hours Just a mistake? Or ten years too late? Suddenly, you see so clearly Everything you never said Everything you should have seen but Turned away instead CHORUS What if you had asked me What if I was wrong? What if you had blocked the door and begged me please To carry on? What if you gave 1-2-3-20 reasons Why I shouldn't leave? You couldn't push these walls apart far enough To give me room to breathe Sorry, shamefaced Lonely and disgraced But you'll change, just wait Ten years too late Once upon a time you sparkled Like no one I'd ever met Now that spark's a dim reflection Of the TV set... CHORUS All those flowers Dried up in hours Not me, held on Ten years too long CHORUS
One Man at Best (free) 02:49
One man at best, less than the rest And I'm not quite whole Back through the cracks, you can relax It's just like I Told you I'm hollow now Easy to follow, how Silly of me to be here Frozen and numb, two kinds of dumb And I'm sad we spoke Starting today, I'm in the way Now that I'm just Broken, just broken, oh Now you're awoken so I'll let myself out the back More of the same, shook off my name And I'm out of mind Still as a stone, decent, alone And I'm sure you're Kind not to laugh as you Mark off the half, and who Was that old man anyway? Curiosity's nothing to A fool's wishful thinking One quickly kills you The other hangs on I'll stop the trusting and Get back to rusting and Try not to make a sound You won't even know I'm around
Closer (free) 07:08
My life had been so Life had been so cold I never thought I'd Never thought I'd know The bite of love again The pulse of passion Or the thrill of knowing nothing Hold me closer, kiss me longer Than you ever thought you should Hold me harder, kiss me softer Than I ever hoped you would... you would It took so long to Took so long to make me see you I tried so hard to Push you far away The thought of what I tried My head, it tried to kill my heart To save my freedom Hold me closer, kiss me longer Than you ever thought you should Hold me harder, kiss me softer Than I ever hoped you would And oh, I I'll never turn away from you After all this After all this... time We finally found our Finally found our home The one I threw away The one you never had But always heard of Hold me closer, kiss me longer Than you ever thought you should Hold me harder, kiss me softer Than I ever hoped you would And oh, I I'll never turn away...


Consider it a live show minus the audience.

A live show on a really good night.


released April 16, 2010

Paul Roub - Guitar and Vocals
Recorded by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio
Mastered by Jon Schoenoff




Paul Roub Satellite Beach, Florida

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