Bonus Mystery Tracks

by Crash Basket

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Unreleased stuff as I find it.


released September 17, 1993



Track Name: The Great Unknown
When you wake up in the morning
With blood under your nails and eyes upon you
I won't say I told you
And if you wake to find yourself
Looking up at someone else inside you
I won't remind you

That you said "Never again, never again"

Won't you race me to the great unknown?
A place I've never been, never seen, never heard of
Won't you race me to the great unknown?
And if you win the race, save me a place
Unless he looks like Tony Curtis and treats you right.

Now it's time to let you go
I grit my teeth, we both know you'll say something
To ruin everything
And as the words run screaming from your mouth
Can't you feel it getting harder, and harder
And harder, and harder, oh

Never again, never again


You left me nothing
Oh, what have I got except my name?
You left me nothing
Nothing but the blame

"Betrayal's" such an ugly word
Let's just call it "moving on", a white lie
Among friends
And if one day I overheard
You're somewhere doing nothing I'll speak kindly, a white lie
Among friends

Never again, Never again


Won't you race me to...
I'll race you, too.