Room Enough for the Sun

by Abandoned Satellites

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released April 30, 2016

Glenn Hess - Keyboards
Pete Hillmann - Drums
Paul Roub - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Medusa Singer and Bonnie Staples - Backing vocals on "The Simple Things" and "Half Way Home"

Maggie Roub and Miranda Roub - Backing vocals on "Face Yourself to Sleep"

Recorded and mixed by Mark Brasel at The Zone Productions, Melbourne, FL

Assistant Engineer - Billy Gibson

Analog Summing Guru - Bobby Day

Mastered by Jason at Wrong Planet Studios



Track Name: Be Human
And I’m told up there
It gets cold up there
It gets old up there
by the spring

And the city lights
Are a touch too bright
And they stare at you
When you sing

But it’s not when we know
And never when we’re certain
Not where we stand, it's
Where we go and what we do when
We’re only human
Go be human

Bet it’s changed since then
Yeah they'll change it then
They pretend it’s
Just the same

Do you know what you
Are prepared to do
When the new ones
Don’t know your name?


Slam the door and
Jump the fence and
Slide across the hood
Like you’ve always
Practiced in your head
Flip that coin and
Heads you go and
Tails you know you should
Put the coin away
Drive on straight ahead

There are new mistakes
Waiting to be made
Leave the old ones
Under there

Break your whole new heart
Every story starts
As a fading scar

Track Name: Just Last Week
You cut your hair, you moved out west
You're changing everything
And I wonder if you're trading me in, too
You're feeling stronger and you show it
By not picking up the phone
You don't come over
Don't invite me over there with you
You like to sleep at home, I hate to sleep alone

Just last week I walked on water
Just last week I hung the moon
Just this week you just don't know
You just don't know
You just don't know

The things that make a hunger
Make things such a mess
When one side's higher than the other
It tilts, it spills, it taints us
I though you were my lover
You thought I was fun
I should have run for cover
It's pouring down it paints us black and blue
Well, maybe not you


I just don't know what's pressure, and what's motivation
Or how we got from talking to interrogation
So afraid, you say
That you need some time away
Level-headed, won't regret it
Hope that's what you want

That other song was wrong, this changes everything
I could walk or I could run away
Or sit and wait you out
Now you're leaving now you're not
You could choose anything
I could choose to sit outside your gate
And slowly sweat you out
Or leave it to you
That's the hardest thing to do

Track Name: The Simple Things
You never left me when you should have
When you couldn't trust a word I'd say
Now I finally got it all together
Naturally it's now you walk away

I found some old shopping list you wrote me
For milk and bread and what's the use
Saw you addressed it "my darling"
No, I'm OK, I can stop shivering
Any time I choose

And it just takes one thought to send me reeling
One word to knock me on my back
One memory and I can't shake the feeling
I may never get myself back on track

It's been seven hundred years since you walked away
That's a month or a year or something in real time
I've heard all those soothing cliches
But the whole that you left
You left for a lifetime


It's the simple things that do you in
Like making a bed that's half-untouched
Letting you go would be so easy
But what do I do with the pictures?
And why are they playing our song?
All these things bring you back
In one unbearable rush
Track Name: Face Yourself to Sleep
You know they’re out there
You know they’re waiting
You’ve never seen them
But they echo through the room

They tell you secrets
They tell you stories
Of all the sad things
That might just come true soon

Once you were small and
Once you dreamed bigger
You could imagine
A mountain of your own

Some asshole told you
And you believed him
It’s scary out there
Better stay at home

Wind outside makes the
Trees wave hi, how are you?
Air inside is cold and still and deep
The moon’s a distant nightlight
Hung just for you
As you brace yourself
And face yourself to sleep

You’ve had the feeling
Seems like forever
There’s something so wrong
And everyone can see

But no one tells you
They say they love you
Won’t you come out
So everyone can see

Day into day
Night into a lifetime
Long as you stay
And never know the right time
Never not the right time

You wake up early
Toss for hours
Almost sleep then
Sit upright

Was that something, or
Just your own breathing?
Lay back down and
and wonder…
until the first faint sign of the
calm cool hand of night
Track Name: Half Way Home
I have landed
It's 2am and
I'm past the tollbooth
I'm on my way
You said to call when
I was in motion
I've had three coffees and a Coke
I'll be OK

Looks like it rained here
All dark and shiny
I've got new tires and
Old Husker Du
I sing along and
Drum on the dashboard
And make up new words for the ones
I never knew

I curse the clock, I count the signs
Name the trees and watch the lines

Please don't lie awake I'll be just fine
Wake up in the morning I'll be right there
Drive right by the exits
They never cross my mind
Now I'm nearly half way home
Twice as tired, but not so lonely
Happy to be half way home to you

I know you're sleepy
It's been a long one
We'll talk tomorrow
And anyway
My favorite stories
Are all about you
I'd hate to keep you up
When you know what I'll say

I rub my eyes and crack my hands
And now I finally understand


I'm fading fast, but hanging on
The noisy nagging fears are gone
Another mile, another town
I won't slow down

Almost there now
I'll turn the corner
Climb the stairs and
Hang up the phone
And I will lay down
And I will kiss your fingertips
And sleep the peaceful sleep
Of one who's truly home
Track Name: Go On, Goodbye
I'm not sure how to take you
Or if you're mine to take
Today I thought somebody called your name

And I can't say I adore you
So I won't say I adore you
But I'll go on adoring just the same.

And I tried
Saying Goodbye
And I lied
Saying Goodbye
I will bite my tongue until it bleeds
And never tell you why
Goodbye, go on

Don't start that conversation
With your hand over the phone
I'll only talk in daylight from now on

And I can't say I don't miss you
So I won't say I don't miss you
Almost hope you never hear this song


I am no backup plan
Hiding out backstage and
Hoping the leading man
Turns his back

Waiting with empty hands
Failing to understand
Where you will land when all the
Fades to black

I never saw you coming
But I knew that you would go
Still, I'm glad I knew you for a while

And I can't see where you're going
And I won't ask where you're going
We both know I'd miss it by a mile