by Paul Roub

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released September 3, 2011



Track Name: Full of Holes (demo)
With fond frustration, I dream of you
Your hesitation, your haunted smile
No destination to see you through
Could you stay inside my sight line for a while?

And I only want it all
I have nothing left but everything
If you knew right now to call
I would whisper every little thing
Half turn left and it's
Not quite right, I'm not
Feeling quite myself tonight
I'm full of holes,
Full of, full of holes

You're made of paper, a folded bird
Thin wings taper, you bend just so
I'm out of tape or, you might have heard me
Sing into the breeze and let you go


I'm not half surprised when the curtain comes to call
And I realize I was never there at all
Wound up on your feet
Bound for another street… than… mine
Watch you disappear in double time

Bruised and breathless, here and now
Suddenly senseless, I drink your name
Tossed so carelessly down I wonder how
It left so much more quickly than it came

Track Name: What I Just Said (demo)
I think of you with fond frustration
Running 'round in my heavy head
Brains beauty but no destination
I don't even know what I just said

I come to you all bruised and breathless
Went wherever my envy led
Ran right back to you stunned and senseless
I don't even care what I just said

Play… 'til your playing parts are sore
Say… what you want and so much more
Stay… and we'll make the best of
all the best of
all the rest of all we have in store

You're sick of being lost and lifeless
C'mon and lead yourself to me instead
And we'll forget about the slight and sightless
They won't even hear what I just said